This Is Not Goodbye.


I must admit. I have been slacking. Big time!

I can’t believe I haven’t written a single post since Nomber. But then again. I can.

I am sorry.

Honestly, I love this blog and I hate this blog. I love talking about life, happiness, relationships, addiction. I love writting about things I know a lot about. But I can’t help but feel that this blog is by far the most self-indulgent thing I have ever done. I truely hope that you have gotten something from it because I am about to shift focus.

No, I won’t stop writting. But I will stop posting on a Couch and a Chair. I will give therapy and the pursuit of happieness a break to pursue something more important and closer to my heart.

Social Justice.

You can check out my new blog and follow me there if you like.

I will return to A Couch and A chair one day. I’m sure of it. In the mean time I’m following my heart. As they say in running “When your legs get tired, run with your heart.”


Thank you for reading.

See you soon!



One Comment on “This Is Not Goodbye.”

  1. Might that future include another advanced degree, Elvita? 🙂

    I totally get the love/hate relationship to blogging. And yes — it seems utterly self-indulgent at times.

    Looking forward to your next chapter. You rock!

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