The Fundamental Elements of Health



What do we need to be happy? What are the fundamentals of health, vitality, energy, sanity, happiness? What do we need to fulfill our human potential?

I have searched the answer to this for my own sake and for the sake of being an excellent therapist. Never in a million years would I have imagined to find the answers in a diet book (that is not really a diet book). In The 80/10/10 Diet, Dr. Douglas Graham presents the fundamental elements of health. This is the most comprehensive list to date. Rate yourself from zero to ten on each of the following areas:

____ 1. Clean, fresh air

____ 2. Pure Water

____ 3. Foods for which we are biologically designed (whole, fresh, ripe, organic raw fruits and vegetables)

____ 4. Sufficient sleep

____ 5. Rest and Relaxation

____ 6. Vigorous activity

____ 7. Emotional poise and stability

____ 8. Sunshine and natural light

____ 9. Comfortable temperature

____ 10. Peace, harmony, serenity and tranquility

____ 11. Human touch

____ 12. Thought, cognition and meditation

____ 13. Friendship and companionship

____ 14. Gregariousness (social relationships, community)

____ 15. Love and appreciation

____ 16. Play and recreation

____ 17. Pleasant environment

____ 18. Amusement and entertainment

____ 19. Sense of humor

____ 20. Security of life and it’s means

____ 21. Inspiration, motivation, purpose and commitment

____ 22. Creative, useful work

____ 23. Self-control and self-mastery

____ 24. Individual sovereignty

____ 25. Expression of reproductive instincts

____ 26. Satisfaction of the aesthetic taste

____ 27. Self-confidence

____ 28. Positive self-image and sense of self-worth

____ 29. Internal and external cleanliness

____ 30. Smiles

____ 31. Music and all other arts

____ 32. Biophilia (love of nature)


How did you rate? What’s missing in your life and what are you grateful for? What would you add to the this list?



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