Bert’s therapy (#9): Adult child (via Monkeytraps)

Another excellent and funny post by Steve Hauptman. I can’t count how many times I see this in therapy. Talking about parents and childhood often reduces us to a younger self, still longing for our parents approval, still reliving our childhood wounds.
In Transactional Analysis we have a parent, child and adult in all of us. Parent is our ‘Taught’ concept of life. Adult is our ‘Thought’ concept of life. Child is our ‘Felt’ concept of life. Human transactions often suffer because we approach the parent in someone else with the child in us or the other way around.
I disagree that there is no adult in us. I just think the child in us tends to take over if it hurts.

Bert's therapy (#9): Adult child bert1 . . .   Tell me about your family. . . . . Do I have to?. . . therapist2   Please. . . . Oh, okay.  Dad, alcoholic. . . . therapist3 . . . . Mom: depressed. . Mom, depressed. . . therapist4 . . . . Me, only child. . . . What do you mean? . . . . And still am. . . .     What do you mean? . . . . What do you mean, what do I mean? . . .   Still an only child?  Or still only a child? . . . . What a shrinky question.  . . . therapist8 . . . . Bu … Read More

via Monkeytraps


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