If you won the lottery…

…what would you do? Would it change you? Is there something you know for sure you would never do? And if money  is really only paper and we determine it’s value then how come our world (and sometimes happiness) revolves around it? Sure you can buy more things with money, go on vacation, have a unique experience, not have to work etc etc but then how come not all rich people are happy? Why is it so hard for us to enjoy and appreciate what we have instead of obsessing over what we don’t have? And is money really THAT important? What happened to being innovative and resourceful? Drive to work today, I saw a license plate that read THRIFTY and next to it a bumper stick that read “debt is normal, be weird” and I thought “life is too short, I’d rather be in debt”.
My father used to say “Money: I never have it and I never run out”. That attitude certainly killed any chance or desire of mine to get rich but it sure helped me put a value on money.
What’s your attitude towards money? How does it affect your day to day decisions? Are you happy?


One Comment on “If you won the lottery…”

  1. Amy Maie says:

    Personally it is security blanket, if I have enough to know that I will be able to provide for me and my family to live (food, basic cloths and a place to sleep with the small creature comforts) then it doesn't matter. I try to give my time freely and money is just a thing in my wallet when I compare them. I will always value the time I spend with people more than the money I have. If I have to put a monetary value on laughing or spending time with people it would be so high that I couldn't possibly compensate them. I am very careful about saving enough that I don't worry but beyond that if you need it or if we go out to eat I don't think twice. In my business its different because I have my staff and their families to think about. Life is just to short for me to keep a tally on the things that won't matter tomorrow, and money is one of them. I was born poor and I know how to get by so what's the big deal.

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