All zipped up?

Is someone pushing your buttons today? Doing everything they can to upset you, annoy you? Knowing very well they are upsetting you? Does this make you angry, resentful, stressed out and just generally out of sorts?  
Stop talking about them. Instead focus on you. You can not control other people or what they do (or don’t do).
All you can do is change yourself. This is called being centered. Don’t judge yourself harshly by the way. A lot of people have this problem (me included). It is called poor boundaries. It leads to codependency and maladaptive relationships. Others will know this about you almost immediately and they will test your limits.
Maybe this analogy will help. Think of your boundaries as a wetsuit. With a front zipper. You are naked underneath which symbolizes you being vulnerable. If the zipper can be opened on the outside anyone can open you up. And hurt you. Or make you feel what they want you to feel (which sometimes means good feelings too).
What if the zipper could ONLY be opened on the inside? By you!
Until next time ZIP UP!


One Comment on “All zipped up?”

  1. Agreed! It is very hard to concentrate on just yourself but everyone should. In the end you will be a much happier and focused person. Now if only everyone could put this into practice… too bad most people care about what others think. We need to find ways to change that.

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